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Sasuke walkde down the many paths of orochimaru's walk ways. He had alot on his mind. 1st the snake pedophile would eventually take over his body and betray him for sure. 2nd was his crush.That's right people the stone cold hearted uchiha had a love crush on someone(by the tiltle im pretty sure you know who).Though he never told anyone he loved a certain blonde parthner of his.He sighed knowing he could never claim him because one he had to kill his brother and second Naruto always had a crush on Sakura.He sighed again only deeper and decided he didnt care. Today even if it killed him he was going to tell him.He would go and tell the blond his feelings even if the blonde rejected him he had to tell him.

Sasuke slowly exited the hideout and felt a precence behind him.

"what do you want orochimaru?"

"Sasuke~kun why are you so rude?"

"What do you WANT?"the uchiha stated impatiently.

"Just wanted to know where you were going"


"*sigh* ok fine but dont be in kohona too long"the sanin sighed and vanished before the raven could replay.Sasuke looked confused'how did he......Whatever'
he sighed and left.


Sakura sighed as she knocked on the door again.

"Naruto please come need to stop feeling depressed"

There was no answer so she sighed and clentched her fist.She let out an amazonic cry and slammed into the door.The door shattered and and she walked inside. She scanned the room and gasped at the scene.Naruto's room was clean,it was usually messy and unkept.She worriedly looked again and saw the most depressing site ever. Naruto sat on his bed perfectly still and looked at the team 7 photo with a pained look on his face.He didnt look at the whole picture just the part with Sasuke in it.He then slowly turned and smiled at Sakura whom could've burst into tears at his fake smile.

"N...Naruto why are you still depressed?Is this because he's not home yet?Youll get him b-"

"I love him"the blonde sputtered out as Sakura's eyes softened.She had gotten over Sasuke so she did what she knew she wanted someone to do everytime sasuke rejected her.With slow graceful movements she sat down and hugged naruto tightly.The blonde let out a small sob and slowly the sobs became into rivers of crystal tears flowing down his face.

"SShhhhh it's ok Naruto"

" no its not! all he cares about is revenge! And we're guys he wouldnt want anything to do with me! and everyone hates me because of this damn fox"He cried harder as Sakura clutched tighter.

"No matter tell him......who knows maybe hell come back"She stated as the blonde looked up at her with blue orbs wide eyed.


"yes " she smiled.

The blonde smiled cheekly and thanked her friend for understanding.With a solem promise to continue eating properly and stop acting emo she left him and on her way out picked up parts of his door.He sighed and paked his bag.Tonight he was going to look for Sasuke.


Sasuke was now leaping tree to tree he had left Orochimaru's hideout long time ago since the hideout was a whole county away.On his way there he fantasized about his blonde saying yes and raping him afetr wards.Yup Sasuke Uchiha was a big pervert.He slowed down and heard some weird noises. He carefully peeked inside the bushes and stared wide eyed. He couldnt belive it.There he was.Itachi..................


Naruto was now just heading out of the main gates. no one there made it way easier for him to go pass the gaurds and exit unnoticed.That was untill he got the daylights scared out of him by a certain brunette shinobi poofing infront of him.

"PABLO?!!!!"the blonde gawked as the slighlty younger chunin smiled.(Yaayyy im in here!!!)

"yup so where are you going this late at night?"

"ummm fresh air???"

"yeah w/e come on Sasuke must be waiting"

"how do you know!!"

"over heard you and Saku"

"You cheat youre not coming!"

"Why cause sasuke is going to rape you and your going to be all like'Oh god sasuke fuck me harder'"the brunette mocked as Naruto blushed.

"no now go away!"

"pssht no way im going there as backup help, besides im not going to watch or recxord this anyways"Pablo laughed as Naruto sighed.Pablo would be goo he was like a chameleaon and could absorb the abilities of anyone so he sighed and decided to allow it.


Oh god was this real? there he was his brother in the middle of sex......with a guy!!!! and not to mention a blonde guy with long hair as his brother.His brother sitting as the blonde slowly started to ride him.Sasuke made a face and quickly backed away.He tried to pry himself of the horrible mental pictures(for him...tee hee).He then noticed he had a choice to make His dobe or revenge.He growled at the extremely hard desicion and thought it over many times.With one long sigh of agony he decided what he was going to do.


"look Naruto im practicing with my favorite so far...TAYUYA!!!"

"ugh that rude bitch?"

"yeah yeah w/e but listen"Pablo smiled and started to play the melody to sinlge ladies.Naruto rolled his eyes and chuckled.They soon reached a lake and decided to stop to rest. Pablo being the little dora the explorer he was he left the blonde aalone with the excuse that he wanted to find new jutsu when he really just wanted to look around.

Naruto slowly walked to the river and glanced at his reflection. He saw Sasuke and himself as young genin.The way Sasuke was the only one whom treated him like a human being and not a demon.He sobbed silently as he kept on thinkin that sasuke left him and all for................power.He pounched the nearest tree and cut himself in the process.He felt weak as he saw the tree with a mere scar.Nothing else he wasnt strong enough to damaged the tree or bring his love back.

He cried to his hearts content and clutched the grass near him.

"Why do i love him?Why that teme Why?Dammit Sasuke I love You!"Naruto cried harder and let his small tears decend from his eyes to the ground.

"I love you too Naruto"


"I-Itachi!!!!"Deidara screamed as The older raven filled his blonde with his seed.
Itachi let the blonde colapse foward and rest on his chest.He slowly wrapped his arms around the blonde and threw the akatsuki signiture coat over them.

"see Dei~chan that wasn't so bad"

"Because i did most of th work"Deidara huffed and felt Itchi chuckle.With a simple peck he noticed a note hanging around.He grabbed it and silently smirked.

It read:

Dear bastard son of a bitch brother,

apperently you and this DUDE are busy fucking so ill let you slide for now.Oh and by the way i hate you now if youll excuse me i need to go find my dobe....i hate you

Sincerely Uchiha Sasuke

Itachi smirked as Deidara sighed.

"Great we've scarred your little brother for life"

"he'll get over it"The Older man smirked and kissed the blondes cheek.


To Be Continued!!!!!!(Mwahahahahahahahha)
Ok this is SasuNaru and ItaDei so for all you yaoi haters DONT FUCKING READ!!!

(p.s i heart all my yaoi lubbers!!! please comment if you like)
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